Introducing blockchain
in shipping & logistics

World's first shipping token to be
available for sale in Q2 2018


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Supply-chain is the base of modern civilization. And yet it still remains fragmented and inefficient. Ocean shipping alone accounts for over 80% of the world trade, and yet remains one of the most old fashioned and traditional sector. Here are some key facts to understand its scale:

Non-containerized sea-born trade


billion freight tons

Annual freight turnover


billion us dollars

General cargo fleet




million freight tons

Brokerage firms


Dry bulk trade


billion freight tons

Cost of ship construction, up to


Million us dollars per ship

International commercial fleet



Shipping companies


About Us

Perfectly understanding all the problems and challenges shipping industry meets, inefficient capacity utilization, ballast runs, distorted and mixed communication channels, fraud and low accountability, we’ve created and launched SHIPNEXT. Go to for details. SHIPNEXT transformed the Shipping sector (ocean-transportation), making it digital and efficient, eliminating routine checks, minimizing risk of human error and instantly matching Cargo to Ship.

Shipping sector (ocean-transport) handles about 80% of international trade, and its inefficiency and in-transparency has been a stumbling block for further integration of Shipping into a door-to-door supply chain.

SHIPNEXT uses linear programming, big-data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language programming for instant Cargo-to-Ship patching.
The launch of SHIPNEXT in its current state - Phase A - gives ground to further integrate complex algorithms, blockchain and other state-of-the-art digital solutions in international logistics to build a decentralized blockchain-based supply-chain eco-system.



SHIPNEXT has been initially launched as a Shipping related Marketplace. The main aim was to overcome all the inefficiencies of the shipping sector related to ocean transportation. The instant Cargo-to-Ship matching used in SHIPNEXT is based on linear programming, big-data analysis, machine learning and Artificial intelligence. With this the whole shipping sector is linked in one common algorithm linking 80+ different real-time data-bases to make shipping more efficient. The more data and users become part of SHIPNEXT, the more reliable and efficient this marketplace becomes.

Phase B
As soon as SHIPNEXT becomes a common marketplace for all segments of the Shipping sector, is is ready to be further integrated into including tanker and container shipping trades, it is ready to the next level. This would include execution of shipping related smart-contracts and continuous integration into the main connection points - ports and terminals. This is where land and ocean transport meet, and it is important for further decentralization based on critical mass. At this phase it is important to consider all the different local standards and regulations.

Phase C
With this, the algorithms and codes used by SHIPNEXT become open to all the main industry users. This Phase includes integration of shipping and port related logistics into each individual supply chain, including land transport. Ship Tokens would be used as one common means of exchange throughout the eco-system to pay for all the supply-chain related services, including cost of sea and land transportation, fuel, port-related services, storage, survey, repairs and more.
Decentralized network, based on common algorithms, would ensure transparency and efficiency of the door-to-door supply chain.

SHIPNEXT is perfectly
positioned to leverage
blockchain technology

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International supply chain today lacks efficiency, transparency, reliability and common standards. To make sure everyone understands, accepts and unites around one initiative to transform the industry, the industry requires one transparent and well structured approach. One complex and common algorithm based pattern, which will create a back-bone of a new blockchain based supply-chain eco-system.

Introducing blockchain – a distributed and cryptographically secure ledger technology - into existing platform will allow to reduce fraud, increase safety and common rules by incorporating and securing sequences of transactions in a manner that is impossible to falsify.

Blockchain will also provide:

Smart Contracts


Escrow Accounts

Instant payments

Seamless interaction

Internet of Things

Revenue Model

Revenue Model zoom


  • SHIPNEXT will use Ethereum blockchain to create its own logistics ecosystem where all transactions would be set and paid in tokens - Ship Tokens (SHPT).
  • Smart-contracts execution is based on the process of creating electronic bill of lading, generated by multiple cross-verification of the contract execution.
  • Distributed ledger technology will keep all the transactions history details safe, unchanged and based on common standards.
  • All private data shall be encrypted with private key. Is can then be stored on an interplanetary file system (IPFS) or SWARM-like storage, and will be accessible only by the parties involved in the shipment or by regulators. Using Smart-contracts with combination of Open-API, will allow existing logistics solutions to be integrated into SHIPNEXT ecosystem.
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Token sale

We are seeking to have a Token Generation Event, or TGE to sell an initial supply of tokens for moving SHIPNEXT into blockchain ecosystem. Funds secured from the TGE will be allocated as shown below. There will be a fixed supply of ShipCoin(SHPC) tokens that will ever exist.

Token sale Token sale
Private Sale
Invited Contributors
June 2018
Maximum number of tokens
200 000 000 (incl. bonus)
Pre-participant limits
from 25 000 USD
4 weeks
Stage A
Q3 2018
Maximum number of tokens
400 000 000 (incl. bonus)
Pre-participant limits
from 100 USD
60 days

* 20% for the first 48hours, 15% for weeks 1-2 starting from day 3, 10% for weeks 3-4, 5% for weeks 5-6, 0% for weeks 7-8

Road Map

2009, April

Ocean shipping company - VARAMAR ( - was founded. The company evolved into one of the main industry players in Europe in maritime transportation of general, heavy and oversized cargo.

2011, June

VELES Bulk was founded as a carrier of dry-bulk ship-operator and carrier.

2009 - 2015

50,000 + Ships
4,000 Ports
70+ databases

2015, May

SHIPNEXT - disruptive concept of an automated Digital Shipping Marketplace is finalized.

2017, October

SHIPNEXT is launched in Phase A, as an Automated Digital Shipping Marketplace for non-containerized, general, oversized and dry-bulk cargo.

2018, January

SHIPNEXT is widely used by over 1000 international, contains 8000+ Ship positions and thousands of Cargo orders at any given moment.

2018, May

First Smart Contract in Non-containerized Sea Transport

2018, June

First Electronic Freight Payment for Smart Contract in Shipping and Ocean Transport

2018, August

Integration of Steel Supply Chain on SHIPNEXT

2018, September

Negotiations with ports and Terminals for integration, planning and 2 way data-flow for non-containerized general and dry-bulk cargo

2018, October

Automated Quotation on General and Dry-bulk cargo

2018, November

Commencement of Works on Containerized Traffic Real Time Booking System

2018, December

Wet-Bulk Shipping Marketplace

2019, March

First Smart Contract and Electronic Bill of Lading in Wet-Bulk Shipping

2019, April

First Freight Payment in Wet-Bulk Shipping

2019, August

Integration of Energy and Oil Supply Chain on SHIPNEXT

2019, October

Negotiations with ports and Terminals for integration, planning and 2 way data-flow for wet-bulk, energy and oil cargo

2020, October

First Trials on Real Time Container Booking

2020, November

Further integration of Tracking and Tracing procedures and Technology into Real-Time Container Booking Platform

2021, February

First integrated supply chain in container door to door transport (including Land Transport)

2021, April

Integration of multiple users for testing of cross-company container real-time container traffic supply-chain (including land and sea-transport)

2021, September

Completion and full integration of Different modes of transport on one Shipping and Transport Marketplace

2021, October

First trial of a multiples transport solution shipment - different modes (non-containerized and containerized) of transport with transit time and real-time pricing

2021, November

Decentralized Block-chain based Supply-Chain (trial)



SHIPNEXT at Conferences

  • Global Grain Geneva, Switzerland 14-16 Nov
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference San Francisco, USA 16 Jan
  • London Blockchain Week London, UK 22-25 Jan
  • Blockchain Conference Moscow, Russia 27-28 Jan
  • Blockchain Economic Forum Singapore 3-5 Feb
  • Breakbulk Conference Abu Dhabi, UAE 6-7 Feb
  • Middle East Grain Conference Dubai, UAE 21 Feb
  • Speech on Blockchain to CEO Club Kiev, Ukraine 22 Feb
  • Blockchain Summit Washington, USA 6 Mar
  • Global Grain Singapore 12-14 Mar
  • Token Fest San Francisco, USA 15 Mar
  • Marine Money Dubai, UAE 15 Mar

The team


Founder and CEO

Alexander is a talented entrepreneur and manager with over 18 years of extensive experience in Shipping. He is the founder and the owner of Varamar - an ocean freight company and SHIPNEXT - a unique shipping digital marketplace. Prior to that Alexander worked as a Chattering Director at OXL-Flamar and as a Managing Director at Kaalbye Projects. Alexander holds MSc degree in Ship and Port management from Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine.

Sergey Semernev


Sergey is a full-stack JS developer and blockchain expert, developing smart contracts in Solidity programming language. He is an experienced software architect. Sergey holds MSc degree in Computer Science from Odessa Computer System University, Ukraine.

Natalia Liashenko

Systems Analyst

Natalia is Associate Professor of System analysis and logistics at Odessa National Maritime University. She has profound knowledge heuristic economics and optimization of mathematical models for ocean freight delivery. Natalia is an Associate Professor at Odessa National Maritime University, she holds PhD in Economics and Mathematical modeling from Odessa National Maritime University, Ukraine.

Maxim Stolyarov

Managing Partner at VARAMAR Gmbh

Managing director and partner at Varamar GmBH. 12 years of experience at Maersk Group in Ukraine, Denmark and Russia with Liner Agency and fleet chartering. 5 years with Varamar in heavy-lift and general cargo chartering.

Dmitry Kononov

Dmitry Kononov

IR Manager

Dmitry is an IR manager at SHIPNEXT. He has an extensive experience in Financing and Investments. Previously Dmitry served as a CEO of Ligion Group, and prior to that he was a CEO of Agro Export Group. Dmitry holds MSc degree in Mining management and Economics from Donetsk University, Ukraine.

Elena Kryvoberets

Head of Marketing

Elena has comprehensive knowledge in shipping industry. She undertakes the sales and marketing at SHIPNEXT. Elena represents the company at all major international maritime and blockchain events international events. She holds Master's degree in Transport Technology & Systems from Odessa National Maritime University.

Vladimir Yarovenko

Vladimir Yarovenko


Vladimir has over 15 years of extensive experience in financial planning. He joined ShipNEXT as Chief Financial Officer in 2015. Prior to that, he worked for leading international companies, including Antey, RedHead Family Corporation. Vladimir holds MSc Degree in Management and Administration from Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, Ukraine.


A hands-on advisory board who will actively contribute their expertise along with our core team members.

Valentin Varvarenko

Valentin Varvarenko

Antwerp, Belgium

Valentin has a 43-year reputable international career in port management that includes:
- 17 years in Latvia, including vice-director of the Port administration.
- 16 years in Antwerp as top executive at Allied Stevedores, Noord Natie and PSA Antwerp.
- 10 years in Russian and Ukrainian ports (Chernomorsk, St.Petersburg, Ust Luga, Tuapse, Taganrog) as top executive of National Container Company and UCL Holding



Julian is a corporate attorney and a SuperLawyers® award recipient. He co-founded Rolith, Inc., and is currently a Managing Partner at Velton Zegelman PC, a boutique corporate and securities law firm with worldwide offices. Julian’s practice focuses on corporate law, securities, VC, and cryptocurrency law. He counsels numerous high-profile token sales and is also a co-founder of BitFin Capital, a blockchain focused VC fund.

Alexey Khomyakov

Moscow, Russia

Alexei is a serial entrepreneur, founder of CEO Clubs Russia, blockchain advocate/investor, and talented manager. Previously he took key executive positions with Russian and US based Oil & Gas companies. Alexey holds MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, UK.

Stakh Voznyak

San Francisco, USA

Stakh is a founder of Wozward, a company with over 4 mln tons of cargo moved, and a CEO of an online service for automated land cargo delivery - Cargofy.

Chris Chatterton


Chris obtains executive level experience across the energy, shipping, automobile, renewables and chemical sectors, where he has been responsible for creating strategy, fundraising, restructuring, crisis management and operations for both startups and multinationals

Anna Besstsastnova

Analyst, Optiva Securities, MSc Finance,
London, UK

Anna speaks Russian and Chinese, as well as Estonian, English and French. Her vast mining connections across Russia, Eurasia and Africa are combined with impressive financial funding expertise.

Renato Rerreira

Renato Rerreira

CEO and Founder, ROBRAUS
Sao Paolo, Brazil

Top Executive Specialist in Logistics, Warehousing, Import/Export, Supply Chain Management.

Minas Sorotos

Athens, Greece

23 years experience in Chartering, Shipbroking and Shipping. Previously Senior consultant at Florida Minerals and Mineral Resources AG.

Wayne Lloyd

Crypto Advisor, Ambassador to
London, UK

Sales lead at Digital Business Transformation, Head of Sales and Head of Emerging Markets at PHI Partners.

Mike Roberts

Shipping Specialist in Tanker Shipping
London, UK

Over 30 years of experience as Senior Chartering and Business Development Manager at Palmali International, Chartering Brokers at Breamer Seacope.

Alexander Krakovetsky

Alexander Krakovetsky

Chief Cargo Superintendent
Odessa, Ukraine

Over 15 years experience as a Maritime engineer, previously Chief Mate at Rickmers Linie, 6 years experience as Head of Engineering Department at VARAMAR Group.

Bahadir Tonguc

Managing Director and Co-owner, SUPRAMAR Shipping and Trading
Istanbul, Turkey

Currently Vice President of the Turkish Shipbroker’s Association. Over 20 years in Shipping and Chartering.

Ashish Mayekar

Global Logistics Head at SAPURA Energy
Dubai, UAE

Previously 3 years as head of Logistics at Weatherford (USA), 7 years as Top Manager and Managing Director at CEVA Logistics India, and Country Manager in Oman for DB Schenker

Mahesh Damani

CEO and Owner, Damani Shipping PVT,
Mumbai, India

A high level shipping specialist with 27 years experience in Shipping, Chartering, Agency, Forwarding, Shipbroking and Ship Management.