30 Nov 2018


This week Cotecna — a leading provider of testing, inspection and certification services and E-title — the main project that provides with the solution as a secure mechanism to facilitate the electronic transfer of title and negotiable documents, such as the bill…

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25 Nov 2018

SHIPNEXT scores high on STO rating

SHIPNEXT project has been listed on ICOgoals and got 8,5 of 10!!! To checkout our STO details, please visit:

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06 Nov 2018

SPIRE supports SHIPNEXT and enters into strategic agreement

Spire is pleased to support Shipnext in its further expansion of blockchain based Digital Shipping Platform and the future Supply-Chain ecosystem.

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29 Oct 2018

AGROXY - SHIPNEXT Strategic Alliance

On 29th October 2018 AGROXY ( – agricultural commodities & inputs marketplace entered into Strategic Alliance Agreement with SHIPNEXT in order to automate logistic services of agricultural commodities (wheat, corn, SFO and feeds). The focus of joint efforts shall be on automation of bulk, tanker, and container logistics of export orientated agro commodities.The aim is to provide real-time cost estimation and logistic booking solution that cover sea-freight, rail-freight, customs clearance, bulk ship firefight and related supply chain services.

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22 Oct 2018

SHIPNEXT - SEARATES Strategic Alliance

Several Shipping and Transport related Marketplaces join hands to launch a unique, all included, intermodal transportation and Supply Chain Ecosystem. SHIPNEXT for dry- and wet-bulk, heavy and oversized cargo as well as SEARATES for containerized/multimodal transport and AIRRATES for air shipments. The name of the new Supply Chain Ecosystem is not yet announced, but this will, indeed, create a unique real-time solution to ship any cargo regardless of type, size or packing.anywhere in the world, with various modes of transport.

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